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Outboard Maintenance, ITS A TOUGH ENVIRONMENT.

To help get the full life and performance from your new Maxus outboard you need to follow the simple maintenance procedures, stick to the scheduled servicing and use quality fuel and oils. By doing this you will enhance the performance and reliability of your Maxus outboard.

Having regular maintenance performed on your engine is essential, its essential for any engine to operate correctly and most importantly safely. Please read your owners manual, Stay in touch with your local agent and keep up to date with the servicing schedule.

Here is a link to a recent article on Outboard Motor Care that some users may find helpful.


Spare Parts.

With 50 plus Maxus service centers are available Australia wide, at these service centers you can get your outboard serviced, ask advice, order spares at great prices and assist with any warranty claim should the unlikely need arise.

All Maxus parts including general replacement and wear and tear parts are stocked in Australia for fast delivery.

Maxus outboards are also parts components compatible with the two biggest outboard motor manufactures in the world, Yamaha Outboards. Maxus outboard range are parts interchangeable with Yamaha™ boat motors, such as the Yamaha™ 15hp, 25hp along with the 30 and 40 Yamaha™ CV engine range.

Spare parts can be ordered via your local Maxus dealer or simply call customer service on 07 3139 1681.

You can view our parts diagrams on this page https://www.maxus-outboards.com.au/parts-diagrams/


Servicing Schedules – MAINTAIN RELIABILITY. 

It is important and Maxus Outboard dealerships have service centers to maintain your outboard to get the full life and best performance. Be Sure to read your owners manual and service booklets and keep to the recommended schedule.

Use the Store and Service center locator to find a service center near you.


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